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Can the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap create a blueprint for just transition and social dialogue in New Zealand?

The name Taranaki doesn’t currently inspire instant recognition for most people outside of New Zealand. A green and fertile region perched on the edge of the North Island’s west coast, it was put on the tourism map in 2017 when the Lonely Planet travel guide ranked Taranaki second in its global Top 10 Regions list. Aside from that, …

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:: Ecology :: English Articles New Zealand Aotearoa Correspondent

Their lovemaking is a true feat of multitasking – Aotearoa/New Zealand’s shy but crucial native earthworm

Spotting an outsized earthworm slithering over my patio ignited my instant interest in this critter, its origins and its life. To my surprise, I forgot about my breakfast. I felt a biological hunger instead. Darwin, here I come. At the time of this exclamation, I did not know Charles Darwin actually wrote an entire book …