About Sitara

Concise, precise and compelling, Sitara’s well researched writing ranges from powerful, informative and political, to contemplative, easy and engaging.

  • 25+ years international experience
  • Member of the IFJ (International Federation of Journalist)
  • Member of the NVJ (Dutch Association of Journalists)
  • Published in high profile newspapers and magazines
  • NZ/NL
  • General reporting, humans’ relationship with nature, breath, inspiration & attention, artist profiles and esoteric religion (crazy wisdom)

Sitara has been writing for newspapers, magazines and the internet in both Dutch and English for over thirty years (including under her former, “official” name, Marja Kooreman, during the late 1990s and early 2000s). After having previously lived in the Netherlands, Oman, London and Scotland, she settled in New Zealand in 2001, to be able to study with Yanchiji at Tushita Hermitage. She now lives off-the-grid in regenerating native bush in the Far North, from where she writes and makes mosaics. She also translates books for LS Amsterdam, makes music and volunteers at the Tushita Mystery School as well as for the MAANZ (Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand). Sitara is also an experienced mindfulness teacher, trained and endorsed by Mindfulness Works, the largest network of mindfulness facilitators and mindfulness public course providers in Australia and NZ. In the early 2000s, Sitara trained and qualified as creativity coach with Eric Maisel, and she holds Counselling Certificates from the Universtiy of Aberdeen.


Writing : :

“Sitara’s writing ranges from powerful, informative and political, to contemplative, easy and engaging”

– Arohananda Ma, Life Revelation Teacher, Tushita Charitable Trust, former editor of The Vessel Magazine

Editing : :

“Sitara recently edited all four chapters of my masters’ thesis. Her work was fast and thorough, despite the information-dense writing. Sitara picked up on so many errors I would have never seen, both grammatically and in punctuation. The reviewers of my thesis specifically commented how pleased they were to see a work with no errors which I could never have achieved without Sitara’s high-quality editing.”

– Sorrel O’Connel-Milne, December 2016

Workshops : :

“Sitara’s gentle, respectful teaching is wonderful. I love how she leaves space for everyone.

– Jenny Geelan

“The day was so well paced. The content was exciting and gave me lots of tools to use. I feel I have permission to try doing different things and make some ‘mistakes’”

Grace McGregor

“A memorable & engaging day~ expertly facilitated and stretching the scale of creative endeavors!”

Beth Lindsay

Very informal. Liked this. Small intimate group, good amount of ‘break’ time, great food. Educator warm & informed. Thank you.”

– Cate Eaton

Teaching style : :

Sitara will “teach you to write”, not because she will give you anything, but because she will be and is able to help you find your own inherent creative writing power. Except for a 2 year stint as a newspaper reporter, she has always combined writing with parttime jobs in business and community. With many years of creativity coaching up her sleeve and a degree in Social Communication from the Netherlands, Sitara brings more than 25 years of globetrotting experience in writing, journalism and the art and science of inspiration to the table. Sitara’s writing has been described as ranging “from powerful, informative and political, to contemplative, easy and engaging”. If it was a living creature, it would be a chameleon with eagle eyes, a lion’s roar and a soft bushy tail. What’s yours?

Mosaics : :

“(…)I have been very glad to give broken shards another (even more lovely!) lease of life in the form of one of Sitara’s gorgeous mosaics. My fragments are transformed into wonderful, exuberant expressions of colour and shape, and it is a joy to see them live on in this new form.” ~ Rosalind Atkinson, freelance editor

“Sitara’s work is not only personal but also full of universal meaning. I find it really special, because it is very playful and full of energy.” ~ Roberto Rizzo, tango instructor

“I like Sitara’s mosaics. They remind me of fragments from Guell park in Barcelona or Byzantine devotional objects.” ~ Bodhi Vincent, artist

Sitara’s mosaics website is here: www.mosaics.gallery

Mindfulness : :

“Sitara brings an effective and strongly authentic quality of mindful presence to her work with others, both modelling and leading learning inquiries into what mindfulness really is and how we can embody it.”

Stephen Archer
Director Mindfulness Training

“I know Sitara will offer tremendous benefit to those who meet her through the course, with her fluid nature and presence. Sitara has been living what we may say is the heart of mindfulness practice for many years. Sitara has a lot of experience leading workshops/groups and is also an accomplished musician, writer and artist.”

Karl Baker
Founder/Director Mindfulness Works New Zealand/Australia
www.mindfulnessworks.co.nz / www.mindfulnessworks.com.au


Sitara’s mindfulness website is here: www.preciousattention.com


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