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Sitara Morgenster*

Freelance Journalist (IFJ/NVJ-accredited).

Working in English & Nederlands.

Location: Aotearoa New Zealand.

Health, Ecology & Culture focus.

Open to commissions.

Message me to explore working together to effectively engage your audience. I use fact hunting, reporting and interviews with experts to tell a compelling story, within the framework of ethical journalism (in short, curiosity, courage and care). I focus on health, ecology, culture. If I had a motto, it would be truth over balance, or humanity over efficiency.

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More about Sitara Morgenster*

I‘m an internationally accredited journalist from the Netherlands. Prior to permanently landing in New Zealand in 2001, I was located in Oman, London and Scotland as a freelance correspondent.

When creating independent, compelling stories through interviews, rigorous research, life experience and craftsmanship, I always bring my love of people and life and my wonder of nature.

I’m registered with the International Federation of Journalists (via NVJ, the Dutch Association of Journalists), Press Patron (NZ) and PayDesk (UK).

You can find examples of my writing on this website in both Nederlands (Dutch) and English. I live in regenerating native bush with all kinds of creatures big and small. I currently focus on writing feature stories and opinion articles on health, ecology and culture.

I’ve always wanted to combine writing with real-life experience and have worked in PR, hospitality, small business, retail and healthcare. I’m also a mosaic maker and musician.LogoSitara10x10

*) For about a decade I wrote under my birth name, Marja Kooreman. In 2004, I changed my name to Sitara Morgenster – which serves as my pseudonym/pen name. My NVJ/IFJ press card was issued to ‘Sitara Kooreman’, to match formal documents.