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Coronavirus causes heart damage

Heart researchers have found scar tissue on the hearts of people recovered from COVID-19. The patients aged between 43 and 55 and had no previously known health problems. No significant difference was found between people convalescing at home or in the hospital. In the long term, scar tissue on the heart can lead to heart …

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Your body is yours

Your body is yours to do with as you please. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with it. Your body is nobody else’s possession; not your parents’, teachers’, politicians’, employers’, leaders’, country’s, wives’, husbands’ or lovers’ possession. Your body is your temple and your laboratory. It’s your “rental property”, belonging to you from birth to death. Read More…

mindfulness cheatsheet
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12 Point Mindfulness Cheat Sheet

This 12-point cheatsheet first appeared on my website dedicated to mindfulness meditation teaching and practice, “Precious Attention“, addressing some of our pre-conceived ideas about formal mindfulness practice that are floating around. You can download the free PDF here. Mindfulness practice = sitting silently, watching feelings, body-sensations and thoughts come and go, not hooking into any …