Your body is yours to do with as you please. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with it. Your body is nobody else’s possession; not your parents’, teachers’, politicians’, employers’, leaders’, country’s, wives’, husbands’ or lovers’ possession. Your body is your temple and your laboratory. It’s your “rental property”, belonging to you from birth to death.

Your Body is Yours

Your body is occupied by your being-ness, only to be used with your permission, in ways that you consent to. It is your soul’s home and the vehicle of your life. Even when you consent to someone “using” (or perhaps helping) your body, you’re allowed to say no, to stop, or to strictly stay within the agreement that you have made with that person or others. Until you decide to change it. You have the right to walk away from anywhere, anything, anyone, at any moment. If you can. Hopefully you always have a safe place to retreat to. Hopefully you can always return if you change your mind.

Hopefully, you have friends who selflessly support you for your own sake while you need inspiration and encouragement or perhaps a temporary shelter.

There will always be people in “power” who will tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. As if they know better. As if they know what’s good for you. They’ll forbid you to play with your genitals for pleasure. They forbid you to show certain body parts to the world. They forbid you to experiment with nature-given chemicals found in certain plants. (At the same time, they’ll allow you to poison yourself with others, such as alcohol or sugar or antidepressants). They may force you to be vaccinated or to retain a foetus against your will. They may even forbid you to daydream for too long. This is all about controlling you for the sake of their agendas.
The controllers of other people’s bodies either have a country’s law on their side, or history, or some piece of knowledge, or the use of violence, religion, manipulation, or money. This is no justification.

You’re allowed to ignore them and listen to the wise voice of your inner wilderness instead. The younger you start, the better, but it’s never too late. Your instinctual intuition will guide you to know what route to take, what adventures to engage in, what subjects to choose, what purpose to serve. You will find the support of those with your best interest at heart. There is room for trial and error. There is room for mistakes and second chances. Yes, you will need to make informed choices as to not harm yourself or anyone else. 

Those who truly love either you as a person or you as a valued member of humanity will help you with this. They will freely help and encourage you. They will assist in drawing out of you what is true for you to do, to give and to express. They will give you the strength to make your own choices without involving their own interests. They will never judge you or threaten you with punishment.

You may want to enlist the knowledge of a doctor when your body needs healing, but the decision about whether or not to go with that knowledge rests with you. You have known your body your entire life and know it best. What is good for one body is not good for another. Only the body’s owner knows and can decide.

Your body is formed mysteriously through an awe-inspiring creative intelligence we do not know the origin of, then processed and disappeared by that same force, and de-compose to help continue new life. In the meantime, you’re not obliged to adhere to the made-up systems on this globe that you are born amongst. May your intention be to avoid them when needed, though you may not always be able to.

Yes, you need to earn some money for food and shelter. But most of all, you need to cherish each moment in all the freedom you can muster and experience the pure joy of existence as a unique expression of the human species. How you do this, is your business and your business alone. You will then share your body (in work, attention, pleasure and service) where it is honoured and appreciated, adding your wonderful gifts to this world, whatever they are.

© Sitara Morgenster

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Published in Black & White Oman magazine, August 2019